Vucic: “Curfew extended to last from 5 pm to 5 am; 15 million masks and 160 respirators on the way”

“Don’t force me to order a 24-hour curfew. Look at Italy; 793 people died in one day. Do you understand what’s happening? I’m not saying this to be political. Please don’t leave your homes. If people don’t stay home, the curfew could be extended to last the whole day,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the day before yesterday at a press conference.

He added that it was very difficult for everyone to make such decisions, but people’s behaviour was not at the level the authorities were hoping for.

“We are doing this to survive. In Italy, 627 people died yesterday. Today, 300 people died in America, 1,400 in total in Spain. What will it take for you to listen to us?!” Vucic said.

“Since March 31, 318,000 people have entered Serbia. We will give them medical treatment, but remember these figures. If you stay at home you can’t infect anyone and no-one can infect you,” he continued. “There is nothing more important in Serbia than people’s lives. This is what we ask you to do and we will do everything else,” the president urged.

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Answering a journalist’s question, the President specified that the number of respirators was increasing. The Military Medical Academy (VMA) has from 40 to 90 available respirators, the Zemun hospital has between 35 and 80, and the Dragisa Misovic hospital from 30 to 180. A total of 160 respirators will arrive by Monday, he added.

Stevanovic: We are expecting an increase in the number of ill people

The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Goran Stevanovic said that the experts predicted an increase in contagion.

“This is due to the arrival of people from the affected areas, but even appeals to stay at home have not produced the results we expected. Most people are particularly infectious two days before the onset of symptoms and one or two days after the onset of symptoms,” said Stevanovic.

“I know, it’s not easy to stay at home,” Stevanovic concluded, thanking all those who offered help, volunteers and health workers who are working overtime.

(Blic, 22.03.2020)

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