Vucic congratulates opposition in Montenegro on election victory

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said last night that, based on the first preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, there is no doubt that the opposition Democratic Front, the electoral list “For the future of Montenegro”, has achieved “a great result and progress”.

In a statement to the media in Bled, Slovenia, Vučić said that he will congratulate the winners of the elections “whoever they are”.

After hearing about the preliminary election results in Montenegro, Vucic pointed out that the electoral list “For the future of Montenegro” seems to have won the election, although it is still too early to pronounce a definite victory.

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“For me, regardless of the outcome, it is important that the Serbian people in Montenegro fight to protect their national identity rights. We want to preserve the Serbian people and culture, the Cyrillic alphabet and some progress is already visible. For us it is important that the number of Serbs at the next census in Montenegro in 2021 does not decrease,” said Vučić.

When asked to comment on a statement made by the spokesman of the ruling DPS party calling the protests in Montenegro “Aleksandar’s covert operation”, the Serbian President said that “many people cannot explain how the fact that Serbian people are rising up in Montenegro and yet accuse him of siding with Milo Đukanović”.

“Anyone who wants to gain something in this region is attacking me,” Vučić said.

The Serbian president is visiting Slovenia and tomorrow he will attend the Strategic Forum in Bled, which will be attended by the Prime Ministers of six countries and the Presidents of the two countries.

(Nova, 30.08.2020)

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