Vučić: “Coming winter will be the toughest in 70 years”

“The coming winter will be the harshest in 70 years in terms of food shortages and energy prices,” Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić said during a TV guest appearance yesterday.

According to him, forecasts say that 25 percent of people in the world will not have enough food during the winter, but there will be no such problems in Serbia. He added that the electricity price will not go up for now because nobody (individual consumers and companies) would be able to cope with it.

The President of Serbia also said that he expects the war in Ukraine to last a long time, that it will become even fiercer, especially as of the autumn, and that there is a possibility of a nuclear conflict. “I expect bigger conflicts in the autumn, much bigger, so I expect a hellish winter for us and for everyone else. There is not enough seriousness and sense of responsibility from what I can see,” he added.

Asked if he fears a nuclear conflict, he said the possibility is very real: “I think there is a greater chance of it happening than not.”

As he said, if the price of electricity went up by 30 percent, that would cause a 20% inflation. “That would be an impossible situation and people would not be able to withstand it. Electricity price will go up sooner or later,” Vucic underlined.

When it comes to crude oil and gas, the president said he expected big problems in that segment too. “Last night, crude oil price jumped to $111.5 a barrel. Every time new sanctions are announced, oil price goes up, and the same goes for gas,” Vucic added and underlined that gas and oil are crucial for every economy, including Serbian.

Asked what would happen during the upcoming negotiations with the Russian Federation on gas deliveries, Vucic said he expected Serbia to be given a normal gas price, but added that the price was not the most important thing, rather sufficient quantities of gas are. In that sense, he remarked that the Bulgarian Prime Minister promised him that the gas transit through Bulgaria would go smoothly.

Serbian President also said that the coming winter in the world would be the most difficult in 70 years and added that Europe would not be able to withstand another recession which is now the second or third year in a row.

He noted that 25 percent of the world will suffer from bread shortages, and that there will be overall food shortages. For instance, when India banned the export of wheat, its price on the stock market immediately jumped up. There is also a problem with maize supplies, particularly from Ukraine as the country’s ports are closed.

(RTS, 15.05.2022)

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