Vucic: By the end of 2025, average salary in Serbia will be EUR 900

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic have presented the ‘Serbia 2025’ programme in the Palace Serbia.

The programme contains an investment plan and projects for the further development of the country over the next five years.

“Serbia is today a fundamentally different country, stable and much more respected abroad, with the unemployment rate below 10 per cent and the country having with one of the highest growth rates in Europe”, Brnabic said.

The ‘Serbia 2025’ program is worth just under EUR 14 billion, Brnabic said, noting that the Serbia 2025 program will be financed from the budget, but also from loans from international financial institutions, with which Serbia will continue to cooperate.

She stressed that none of the projects in the investment plan would jeopardize the country’s macroeconomic stability.

“We plan to continue reducing public debt, and the Government will form a body to oversee each project, or the overall Serbia 2025 plan, so that we can know at each moment where each dinar goes and how it is spent and how each project progresses”, Brnabic said.

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After the Prime Minister, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the audience and announced specific plans.

“At the end of 2025, the average salary will be EUR 900 and average pensions will be ranging from EUR 430-440. We promise that to the citizens of Serbia”, Vucic underlined.

This will be one of the results of the new investment plan, which, as pointed out by President Vucic, unlike the difficult reforms of 2014, will primarily affect the government, directors of public companies, EPS, Srbijagas, not the citizens.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that according to preliminary data, the FDI in Serbia amounted to EUR 3.8 billion euro in 2019, which, he said, is higher than all the six countries of the Western Balkan together”.

“The FDI in the country has increased by nine per cent when compared to 2018. Serbia had the highest growth in Europe of six per cent in November, and we will end this year with a growth of 4 per cent although 3.5 per cent was expected”, Vucic said.

He also announced that healthcare institutions will be getting EUR 600 million from the Serbia 2025 programme.

(N1, 28.12.2019)


Photo credits: TANJUG / Tanja Valic

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