Vucic: “Belgrade will have a subway in 2028”

During a visit to the construction site of the Belgrade subway, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić, said that the first subway line would have been completed in 2028 and the second by 2030.

“Belgrade will have a subway in 2028. It is also important to complete the Belgrade bypass, because the number of people living and coming to Belgrade, as well as a number of cars here, are going up, hence, we need to look for alternative solutions in transportation,” Vučić said. He underlined that he was pleased with the Chinese and French companies that are the main contractors on the subway project, as well as domestic companies that have been chosen as subcontractors.

He announced that he will visit construction sites in the coming days to encourage people to work harder since that’s important for further growth of gross domestic product (GDP) and employment of people. He added that the construction of the subway has to expedite and that the subway has to be connected to the Belgrade Central train station in Prokop.

Vučić underlined that it is also very important to link the subway to the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway, while Finance Minister Siniša Mali, who visited the construction site with the Serbian president, said that the third subway line will go through Prokop.

Construction of the Belgrade subway began at the end of November last year in Makiško Polje, where the Chinese company, Power China, is working on the infrastructure and future subway depot.

Construction of the first two lines is expected to cost 4.4 billion euros. French companies will be in charge of the electromechanics part of the construction, while Power China is the main contractor, accounting for 70 per cent of the value of the total cost of the subway construction.

The first subway line will connect Železnik to Mirijevo, will be 21.1 kilometres long and have 21 stations, while the second line will run from Mirijevo to Zemun for a length of 21 kilometres and will have 23 stations.

(Danas, 23.05.2022)




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