Vučić begins consultations on formation of a new government

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has confirmed that he would start consultations with political parties that crossed the election threshold to form a new government early next week.

“I will start consultations to form a new government on Monday with all those who want to talk,” Vučić said in a live appearance on the Serbian state TV (RTS). He said that he is prepared to discuss all key issues.

He said he would decide who to name prime minister-designate after the consultations. “I am sure we can do that relatively quickly and efficiently,” he added.

“I am sure that our majority (in parliament) will guide the Serbian ship into a prosperous port,” he said. According to the president, Serbia faces both challenges and good things.

Vučić said that serious criticism from the opposition is good for progress but warned that tensions in Serbian society would not ease “as long as there are media whose activities are based on hate for political rivals” but did not specify which media he meant.

He said new elections for the Belgrade City Assembly would be held if the ruling coalition does not have, what he called, “a legitimate majority”. According to Vučić, the ruling coalition has a legal but not a legitimate majority.

​On the other hand, the representative of the opposition Serbia Against Violence (SPN) coalition Pavle Grbović said that the coalition would not take part in the consultations and added that holding such consultations was the usual procedure in parliamentary democracies, which Serbia was not.

Grbović also said that he was confident that there would be a repeat of local elections in Belgrade.

(Radio Free Europe, 21.02.2024)

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