Vucic: Attempts at abolishing the Serbian List will have catastrophic consequences

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has come forward after Pristina’s latest manipulations and threats of abolishing the Serbian List.

He warned of those attempts and called on Western partners and Kosovo authorities to “come to their senses” in order to avoid catastrophic consequences of such a move.

“I am highly concerned about the situation on Kosovo and Metohija, especially given the fact that Albanians will attempt to abolish the Serbian List”, Vucic said in talks with the Russian Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko.

He stressed that the Serb List was a party that had won 96 per cent of the votes of Kosovo Serbs and that enjoyed the support of the Serbian authorities.

Serbian President said that it was strange that none of the Serbs in the Central Election Commission reported any symptoms of poisoning when the envelopes with votes cast in Serbia were opened.

Still, members of the Kosovo Central Election Commission reported alleged allergic reactions to envelopes with votes brought in from Serbia.

Vucic also reiterated that the Kosovo authorities were not sure whether the envelopes were actually poisoned, so, in absence of other fabrications and untruths, they decided they were probably going to abolish the Serbian List.

That will, according to Serbian President, cause catastrophic consequences in relations between Serbs and Albanians.

Vucic went on to say that that the official Belgrade had asked its Western partners to act reasonably, denying Kosovo Albanians their support to achieve what he called “sick goals”.”Otherwise, I’m afraid that we will face a catastrophe”, the President added.

(Danas, 14.10.2019)


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