Vučić at the World Economic Forum in Davos – speaks of sugar shortages, Ukraine and other developments

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is in Davos, attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. He says that the central topic of the meeting is Ukraine and everything that is happening there, while all others are pushed to the margins.

“Previously in Davos you could hear different opinions, now there is only Ukraine, huge support for Ukraine and that’s it. We live in a world where hysteria dominates and common sense lacks. We have expressed a clear political position and condemned the attack on Ukraine but it seems that’s not enough; we cannot change the opinion of some people and we cannot convey any rational message. Yesterday, the main news was who (at the Forum) applauded or not applauded Zelensky’s speech. How crazy is that? Should we force everyone to applaud? I am happy that in our country you can applaud who you want,” Vučić said.

President also met with a number of politicians and business leaders yesterday in Davos.

“I cannot divulge what we talked about. Everyone is concerned about what will happen in the world and how to find a solution, as well as to how to buy as much food and coal as possible. A solution is also being sought for oil, and gas. Ukrainians are also showing everybody the crimes committed by the Russians. This year’s Davos Forum is for Ukraine, as expected,” Vučić said.

Speaking of sugar shortages in Serbia, the Serbian president said:”The price of sugar (in Serbia) is guaranteed by the state. We have sufficient quantities of sugar and it will be fine. We will still guarantee a certain price, intervene by releasing an additional amount (from the state’s Commodities Reserves) and everything will be fine. We have enough food reserves.”

(Vecernje Novosti, 24.05.2022)


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