Vucic at the UN Assembly to talk about Kosovo issue

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has travelled to New York, where he will present Serbia’s position on the Kosovo issue to the world on Wednesday before the UN General Assembly.

On 21 September, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić will address the world at the UN General Assembly in New York on the issue of Kosovo, presenting the country’s position. Vučić will also have more than 30 meetings with foreign officials on the occasion.

On Saturday, Vučić met with the US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, and said that during his visit to New York, he would also discuss improving cooperation with the US, in the numerous meetings he would have with senior officials of the US administration.

Regarding the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the Serbian President underlined that he expects US support in all Serbia’s efforts to continue the dialogue, as dialogue is the only “right way to resolve all open issues”. The President reiterated Serbia’s stance of preserving peace and stability in the region, since, as he said, ‘our country has positioned itself as a reliable and responsible partner with its consistent and serious policy’.

The foreign policy expert from Politika daily, Boško Jakšić, estimates that Vučić’s meetings will have two objectives. “At the UN General Assembly once a year all statesmen also gather for a series of agreed bilateral meetings in order to confirm their positions or to try to persuade others to moderate them. Vučić will do exactly that in relation to Kosovo, to boost support and on the other hand, to try to alleviate the pressures Serbia is under,’ he said.

Diplomat Zoran Milivojević says that this session of the UN General Assembly is extremely important, the most important of this decade because, he says, it will be dominated by global conflict and dilemmas related to the international order.

“For Serbia, the key issue will certainly be the protection of state and national interests. It will be the focus of the President’s speech and bilateral meetings. For us, it is important that our politics fits into the global context, because it will be dominated by the defence of the existing international order, which is based on the principles of international law and respect for the UN Charter, which is also our argument regarding Kosovo,” Milivojević believes.

(Kurir, 19.09.2022)

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