Vucic: Another 2.5 billion euro in financial aid for businesses and citizens

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the state TV (RTS) that the government would be providing another 2.5 billion euro in aid to the economy and population.

Asked where the money would come from Vucic said: “Serbian money from the Serbian treasury of the serious Serbian state”. He said that the economic package would not be a problem for the state and the public debt would not exceed 61 percent of the GDP. “We have things under control, we won’t leave the children any debts,” he said.

He said that all adult citizens of Serbia can apply for 30 euro of aid in May and again in November while old age pensioners would get 60 and 50 euro respectively.

Vucic said that micro, small and medium-sized companies would get three payments of 50 percent of the minimum wage per employee, adding that the same measures are being considered for big companies. He said the money would be paid from April 1.

Transport companies would get six payments of 600 euro for each bus “in order to survive” and the government will expand its guarantees scheme by another 500 million euro to preserve the liquidity of the economy.

When asked where the money for those measures came from, Vučić answered that it was “Serbian money, from the Serbian treasury, from a serious Serbian state”.

He also underlined that the state won’t experience financial problems because of the newest aid measures, and added that the public debt of Serbia will not exceed 61%.

(Politika, 26.01.2021)

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