Vucic and Thaci to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

Under the headline „Тhaci Secretly Wishing For a Nobel Peace Prize“, the influential daily, Danas claims that if Hasim Thaci and Aleksandar Vuci manage to reach an agreement regarding Kosovo by the spring of 2019, they, plus the EU commissioner, Federica Mogherini, might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to the daily, which cites the sources from international diplomatic circles, the first step towards a possible nomination of the Kosovo president is his biography entitled “New State, Modern Statesman,” is being promoted this year in the Western capitals. 

The authors of Thaci’s biography are the diplomatic editor of the British newspaper the Times, Roger Boyes, and longtime journalist Suzy Jagger, while the preface has been written by former US presidential candidate Bob Dole, “who is considered one of Trump’s advisers.” 

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The Belgrade-based newspaper also said that it unofficially learned this book has so far been promoted in London, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna, in the presence of the former NATO Secretary General, George Robertson, a German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, Austrian diplomat Wolfgang Petritsch and the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.

However, back in April of this year, a former US congressman, Joseph DioGuardi, who together with Congressman Tom Lantos, was among the first to open the Kosovo issue in the US, claimed that Thaci had paid 2.3 million euro to the former senator, Robert Dole just to write a preface in the book “New State, Modern Statesman: Hashim Thaci – a Biography”.

“He gave 2.3 million euros of Kosovo taxpayers’ money to that man just to write a preface for the book preface,” DioGuardi said.

DioGuardi also claimed that Robert Dole was considered a “great friend of Albanians”, and his company Alston Bird had won the competition to provide special services for the Kosovo government and the president.

He added that the deal with Dole implied campaigning for Kosovo in the United States, providing quick and quality information, providing advice and analysis, identifying key international officials in the lobbying strategy, and influencing sectors and officials in line with Pristina’s interests.

(RTV, Vecernje Novosti, 16.08.2018)

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