Vucic and Merkel discuss regional networking and stability

On the eve of the Berlin Process summit in London, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, spoke today with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and asked her to help with expediting the implementation of projects like establishing a Regional Economic Zone and building the Nis-Pristina motorway.  

In a telephone conversation, Vucic told the German Chancellor that he believes that the Regional Economic Zone and the construction of the Nis-Pristina motorway were of great importance to the Western Balkans. He especially highlighted the Regional Economic Zone as a project of the key importance for the future of Serbia and the whole region, as it would attract more investments and accelerate the flow of people, goods, capital and services – the president’s press release says.

Vucic and Merkel also talked about the possible outcome of the London meeting. The President thanked the German Chancellor, who, thanks to initiating the launch of the Berlin Process, has significantly contributed to the peace and stability in the Western Balkans. The two officials also talked about a continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, and they agreed that the dialogue was necessary, and that preserving peace and reaching a compromise solution was crucial for both sides.

Furthermore, Vucic and Merkel discussed the migrant crisis as well as the measures that Serbia has undertaken and is undertaking to continue its “responsible policy on the issue.”

President Vucic met yesterday with the Director of the Federal Agency of the Russian Federation for the affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Foreign Nationals and International Humanitarian Cooperation, Eleanor Mitrofanova, with whom he discussed bilateral relations, the situation in the region, as well as cultural, scientific and educational cooperation. Vucic thanked for Mitrofanova’s assistance to Serbia when she was the Russian Federation ambassador to UNESCO, on preventing the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo becoming an UNESCO member.

The Serbian President also met yesterday with the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Pete Marocco, and they discussed “bilateral relations and the situation in the region.”

At the meeting, Vucic said that Serbia and the US were “continuing on a path of deepening bilateral relations and that visits by US officials were a good opportunity to remember the long-standing, fruitful ties.” 

Vucic went on to say that he “appreciates the commitment and support of the US administration in resolving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, because he believes that reaching a true compromise with Pristina is the only guarantee for the future of Serbia and the entire region.” 

The US official said he “appreciates Vucic’s commitment to peace and stability in the region and the contribution he gives in inter-ethnic dialogue in the Western Balkans.” 

He added that Serbia was taking “significant steps in the fight against extremism and terrorism and sees great opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in this domain”. He also underlined that Serbia had made significant progress in the reforms necessary to join the EU.

(Politika, 09.07.2018)



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