Vucic: 2017 budget marks the end of the economic crisis

“This is the best drafted budget that we have ever had. The budget is realistic and its deficit is the lowest ever”, said Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic speaking to MPs.

He added that the new budget was also the healthiest budget so far and that it marked the end of the economic crisis.

He also expressed his satisfaction that the public finances were healthy and added that he was surprised himself by such good results.

“I believe that we can do this, but we also need the support from the people who should know that nothing can happen overnight. But we did put an effort into making our public finances healthy”, the PM said.

He explained that the budget was drafted together with the IMF and best financial experts who also confirmed that it is realistic.

“If we manage to generate a 3% economic growth, there could be room to reimburse pensioners with a one-off financial assistance and further raise civil servant salaries”, the PM explained.

Vucic also said that the budget was completely transparent and that, for the first time ever, it contained expenditure relating to the functioning of RTB Bor, or rather 2 billion Dinars in assistance to the company which shows that “we are incompetent to run this mining corporation”.

The PM underlined that the 2017 budget deficit would be the lowest ever in the recent Serbian history and that it would stand at 69.1 billion Dinars which is 1.7% of the national GDP. What continues to pose a problem for the budget are huge debts of public enterprises like RTB Bor, Resavica, Azotara, MSK and Petrohemija.

(Blic, 05.12.2016)

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