Vucevic re-appointed mayor of Novi Sad

Milos Vučević of the Serbian Progressive Party was re-elected mayor of Novi Sad. Out of 78 members of the Novi Sad Assembly, 70 still voted for him, six against and two votes were invalid.

Vučević addressed the members of the Assembly of the city of Novi Sad saying that “Novi Sad did not suffer a single day awaiting the election of the mayor”, and then thanked the coalition partners and colleagues from the party.

Vučević also said the following in a press release: “For me, this position is a great privilege and obligation. We will work as we have done up until now. Nothing will change in my work schedule. I will go to the same workplace and I will face the same problems ”.

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40% of the city government is comprised of new members. The next on the agenda for the government is the review of the city budget and working on attracting more foreign investors. The unemployment rate in Novi Sad is less than 6%, a “historic low” according to the city officials.

Vučević also reiterated that he is was the first person in Novi Sad’s 272-year-long-history to be elected mayor for the third consecutive time.

He announced that, among other things, he will continue working towards having a new bridge over the Danube and the overhaul of the SPENS Business and Shopping Centre, as well as on preventing brain drain from Novi Sad.

(B92, 21.09.2020)

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