Vranje is the new outbreak centre in Serbia; 114 people tested positive to coronavirus

In the last 24 hours, a further 114 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Serbia and 2 more people have died. A total of 10,610 people have been infected with the virus and the total number of deaths stands at 230.

764 people are hospitalized while a total of 4,713 people are cured. The mortality rate is 2.17%.

In the last 24 hours 6,526 people have been tested which brings the total number of tested people to 181,272.

Vranje is a new outbreak centre

According to official data, 52 citizens of Vranje have been infected in the last three days, and because of this, the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic participated in an extraordinary session of the Crisis Unit at the city headquarters.

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The Minister presented recommendations on how best to prevent the virus contagion and explained the system under which the crisis team of the Serbian government operates in order to protect citizens in the best way.

“We must not allow the spread of the virus to any city in Serbia, so it is important to react immediately when we hear that there are new cases of infection somewhere”, underlined Djordjevic.

(RTV, 17.05.2020)



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