VOZZi App shuts down

The VOZZi app, i.e. the sale of packages and provision of road assistance services, is no longer active, the company announced today. VOZZi was the first mobile application in the region that solved the problem of finding, using and paying for roadside assistance services.

“We hereby notify you that the VOZZi app, sale of packages and provision of road assistance service are no longer active and are suspended. Following a very exhausting struggle to survive in the local market, the company’s team, along with its founder, had to make this very painful decision. Unfortunately, we are no longer capable of fighting the misuses that are present in this business and the fact that our region is simply not ready for digitization and transparent business operations” the company said.

The Efektiva consumer association requested an answer from the owner of the KOV Technology Company, which managed the VOZZi application, about the possibility of refunding money to users who already paid for the service packages.

“The costs of the services we provided to users exceeded the volume of payments per package, where over 12,000 assistances were provided both in Serbia and abroad. Each of the assistances was worth several hundred euros, which led the company to a loss that we cannot cover at the moment. Unfortunately, inflation, the attempt to save companies with the help of banks and the withdrawal of a foreign investor caused the suspension of services. All together, we fought as a team for the company to succeed”, said the company owner.

He added that the investor with whom KOV Technology signed a contract in February 2023, and who withdrew in October of the same year, was sued.

“KOV Technology sued the parent company from the Netherlands for the amount of 140,000,000 dinars. In the end, 65 people lost their jobs,” the owner said.

(BizLife, 20.03.2024)


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