Volkswagen coming to Serbia?

According to media reports, German carmaker Volkswagen has decided to build a factory in Serbia and the first cars to come out of it are expected in 2023.

The daily said the world’s largest car manufacturer opted for Serbia, thus rejecting Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The investment is allegedly worth 1.4 billion euro, the factory is supposed to have 5,000 workers and an annual output of 300,000 cars. The German daily, Deutsche Welle, on the other hand, wrote that Volkwagen‘s favourite was Bulgaria.

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“Bulgaria’s advantage is that it is an EU member state, its economy is thriving and it’s a peaceful country,” the Head of the German-Bulgarian Industrial-Trade Chamber, Mitko Vassilev, told Deutsche Welle.

It is not a secret that the Germans planned to open a new facility in this part of Europe. They repeatedly publicized it, but the dilemma was which country to opt for. Romania and Bulgaria were the favourites because they are members of the European Union, and it was expected that they would be the first to get the new investment. Turkey was also a firm favourite considering that it has a market of 80 million consumers.

Allegedly, some of the reasons why they chose Serbia were its economic environment, the presence of almost all major car component manufactures in the country, but also the friendly relations between Serbia and Germany.

They added that another important factor that weighed in was the fact that Serbia owns 10 per cent of world lithium deposits which will be used to make electric cars.

Deutsche Welle tried to get a comment from the German car giant, but they were told every time that the decision had not been made yet and that they will notify them as soon as the decision becomes official.

(eKapija, 03.03.2019)



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