Vojvodina schools and nurseries close due to the influenza epidemic

The Provincial Secretariat for Health has decided to close nurseries and other educational institutions in the territory of the Province of Vojvodina until February 21, due to the spread of the influenza virus – the Vojvodina government announces.

Based on the recommendations of the Provincial Secretariat for Health and the Public Health Institute of Vojvodina, the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and Minority National and National Communities decided to suspend the work of nurseries and schools in the territory of Vojvodina due to the high prevalence of the influenza virus.

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In order to protect children’s health, classes will be suspended from February 12 to 21, 2020. As announced, the decision on how to make up for the lost classes will be made later.

Zoran Gojkovic, provincial secretary of health, said that the measure to close nurseries and schools was aimed at reducing the incidence of the virus, which is very high in five districts of Vojvodina.

(Vesti-online, 11.02.2020)




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