Vojvodina has lowest unemployment

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has published a report on the regions in Serbia for 2017. According to their Workforce Survey, last year’s employment rate in Serbia was 46.7 per cent, with the highest number of employees being the Belgrade region – 48.3 per cent, and the least in the Region of South and East Serbia – 43.9 per cent.

If we compare the 2017 employment rate to the one from 2016, we can see that the increase is the highest in the Belgrade region and the Region of Vojvodina. Observed by regions, Vojvodina had the lowest unemployment rate – 12.2 per cent, while unemployment in the Belgrade region and the region of Sumadija and Western Serbia was the same as the state average – 13.3 and 13.6 per cent respectively. The biggest number of inactive population was recorded in the Region of South and East Serbia – 48.2 per cent, and the lowest in the Belgrade region – 44.2.

The average net salary in 2017 in Serbia amounted to 47,893 dinars. The highest average wage is recorded in the Belgrade region – 60,142 dinars, followed by Vojvodina – 46,215, the region of Sumadija and Western Serbia – 40,024 and the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia – 41,402 dinars. Vojvodina’s share in the national GDP was 26.2 per cent.

Last year, there were a total of 2,063,000 employees in Serbia. Of that number, 692,000 were employed in the Belgrade region, 525,000 in Vojvodina, 486,000 in the Sumadija and Western Serbia region, and 360,000 in the South and Eastern Serbia region. The highest number of individual agricultural producers last year was found in Sumadija and Western Serbia – 40,000, then Vojvodina – 24,000, Southern and Eastern Serbia – 19,000 and Belgrade region – 3,000.

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According to the data collated by the Statistics Office, Vojvodina had the population of 1,871,515 last year, which is 26.7% of the total population of Serbia. The average age of people in Vojvodina last year was 42.7 years. In 2017, 2.2 apartments, spanning 71.9 square meters on average, were built per every 1,000 people in Vojvodina.

One-third of the population are pensioners

Last year, 49.3% of Vojvodina’s population had regular employment and 3.6% temporary employment.

32.1% of the population had income from pension, while 2.8% had social security benefits. The revenues from agriculture, hunting and fishing last year were generated by 5.2% of the Vojvodina population, while 0.1% of the population received their income in cash.

(Dnevnik, 23.10.2018)



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