Vojvodina forms a government

The Vojvodina Parliament, led by the Serbian Progressive Serbian (SNS), has elected a new head of the provincial government, Igor Mirovic. This is Mirovic’s second consecutive term as the head of the Vojvodinian government.

The new provincial government has 13 members, consisting of members of the Serbian Progressive Party, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), United Serbia, the Alliance of the Hungarians of Vojvodina (SVM) and the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina.

These parties also have the majority in the Vojvodinian Parliament, i.e. two-thirds of a total of 120 seats available.

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Ten seats in the provincial government went to the SNS party, while the SVM, SPS and the Socialist Movement (PS) have one seat each. Igor Mirović, a member of the Serbian Progressive Party, underlined that the new government would rest on three pillars: health, economy and budget.

“People are looking for concrete results, so economic development will be a priority; the next step is to work on large-scale economic and infrastructure projects that we started during the previous government’s term. Big infrastructure projects will change life in the province and all local administrations should be involved in the implementation of these projects,” Mirovic added.

“As of tomorrow, new challenges await us. The first challenge is fighting the coronavirus, the second is the economic processes, and the third is drafting the budget for the next period. This will be our first move,” he added.

“Vojvodina is a leader in the country in terms of employment and the number of building permits issued, as well as in agriculture. We are also seeing an increase in the average salary, and these are good foundations that the government should continue to work on, ”concluded Mirovic.

(Slobodna Evropa, 29.10.2020)


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