Vojislav Seselj visits Zoran Djindjic’s assassinators in prison

The head of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj visited Milorad Ulemek Legija, a former commander of the special units, who is serving a 40-year sentence for the murder of Zoran Djindjic, on Thursday in the Zabela Penitentiary.

Seselj’s intention is to initiate a review of the proceedings against Legija and Zvezdan Jovanovic, who was also sentenced to 40 years in prison for Djindjic’s murder, because of the new circumstances and evidence he possesses which are relevant to launching a re-trial.

“I got the power of attorney from Ulemek to use all available legal remedies with his lawyers. I expect Zvezdan to give me his power of attorney on Friday,” said Seselj who hopes that both Ulemek and Jovanovic will be released from prison, who had, according to Seselj, been unlawfully convicted. “He (Jovanovic) was beaten at the hearing and General Rodoljub Milovic threatened me in every imaginable way, but he refused to admit to anything. They later threatened to kill his (Jovanovic’s) family, and he subsequently signed the confession written by Milovic. His lawyer Vesna Radomirovic had to sign that she had been present at the hearing, which was not true,” said Seselj, adding that he intended to bring criminal charges against all the participants that led to this “illegal conviction”.

Seselj said that the visit was requested by Ulemek and Jovanovic, and that he had submitted his request for a visit to the Ministry of Justice.

“A few months after my request was submitted, the Ministry of Justice granted me a visit to Legija and Zvezdan in an hour, but not on the same day. I came to Legija today and tomorrow I will visit Zvezdan”, Seselj adds.

He also says that the prison officials did not allow him to bring anything into prison, nor any kind of gift to the prisoner whom he visited. He brought with him money for Legija, which was sentenced to 40 years after the assassination of Djindjic and the murder of Ivan Stambolic. However, he could not bring the money, but he was told to pay the money into Zabela’s account, and they would forward the money to the designated recipient.

In his recognizable rhetoric, Seselj also stated that he had the worst possible opinion about Zoran Djindjic, but that he believed that all the murders that preceded him had to be investigated.

“Everything about the murders of Slavko Curuvija, Ivan Stambolic and assassinations on the Ibar motorway must be disclosed,” Seselj said in his brief address to the few media outlets present.

Asked by journalist that if these prisoners were released, would they all be heading down south, to liberate Kosovo, as Seselj had announced at one of his political rallies.

“That’s what I said at a rally because that’s what you say at rallies. This is a completely different situation and my fight will be a legal one in proving their innocence. If we legally win, what I sincerely hope for, we are going to come to an agreement about fighting for other causes”, Seselj explained.

On the occasion, he also announced a press conference at the headquarters of the local branch of the Serbian Radical Party in Pozarevac, after he visited Zvezdan Jovanovic, where he would present in detail the legal arguments for instigating a re-trial for these two legally convicted persons.

However, the sources could not confirmed whether Seselj asked for Ulemek’s testimony, or he just needed information from the former commander of the police’s notorious Special Operations Unit, regarding the 1991-1995 wars.

Ulemek, 40, nicknamed Legija, for his service with the French Foreign Legion, participated in the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the Kosovo 1998-1999 conflict.

Loyal to late strongman Slobodan Milosevic, he switched allegiance to Djindjic during the popular unrest to oust Milosevic in October 2000.

But later he became a leader of a gang known as Zemun Clan and was involved in numerous crimes including Djinjdic’s murder.

Ulemek is known as a strong opponent of The Hague Tribunal though he has never been indicted by the court.

(Danas, 31.05.2018)



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