VoA: Serbian government hires US law firm to lobby for Kosovo

The Serbian government has hired law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP to lobby for its interests in Washington, the Voice of America reported on Tuesday.

According to a document filed with the US Justice Department on March 27th, the US law firm will lobby for Serbia with all interested American parties (including US government officials) on issues of regional cooperation which include Serbia and Kosovo.  

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The US firm has also signed a contract with the Serbian State Attorney’s Office which names Public Attorney Olivera Stanimirovic as the primary contact between the government and Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.  

The contract also says that the firm has been representing the successor states of the former Yugoslavia in the closure of the New York branches of three Yugoslav banks since November 2013.  

The contract, signed by Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton partners, Till Müller-Ibold and François-Charles Laprévote, who work in the firm’s office in Brussels, states that besides the two of them, the team working for Serbia will also comprise Claudia Annacker from the Paris office.

In one part of the agreement, Müller-Ibold and Laprévote’ state that, from November 22, 2013, their firm has been representing Serbia, together with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro (successor countries of the former Yugoslavia) and the National Bank of Serbia, in connection with the liquidation of the New York branch of Beogradska Banka AD and Jugobanka A.D.

The Voice of America also said that the document filed with the Justice Department does not specify the cost of the services but added that Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP usually charge the amounts of between 20,000 and 340,000 USD for services rendered in its quarterly reports.  

(Telegraf, 02.04.2019)



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