Vlaovic:”Belgrade Fair will be removed, everything is subordinated to Belgrade Waterfront”

Gojko Vlaović, a journalist from Danas daily, stated that the Belgrade Fair has officially become the part of the state-run Belgrade Waterfront project and that the price of the land owned by the Fair has been reduced because of that.

“The Belgrade Fair will be relocated. It will be moved to the location in Surčin, where the National Stadium will be built, the future venue of EXPO fair. It is obvious that everything in this country is subordinated to the Belgrade Waterfront project. The current location of the Belgrade Fair is the most suitable for holding trade events by far,” Vlaović points out.

He adds that the Fair will most likely be privatized, so the price of the Fair’s land is probably reduced compared to what it is really worth.

“Obviously, the Serbian government wants to take every step to facilitate this transaction. It is important that the land is shown to be worth less than the real value, that it is bought for less money, and that the whole transaction is completed in a way that suits the government. It is simply a government project. The government decided to move it and make it part of the Belgrade Waterfont project. That is also the reason why all of this was downplayed,” says Vlaović.

Commenting on the National Parliament adopting yesterday Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, he said that that was “the most shameful law in the economic segment that has been passed in our country.”

“Deputies of the ruling coalition and Minister Vesić tried to defend the indefensible. Thanks to this Law, investors now even don’t even have to pay for construction land.”, Vlaović pointed out.

(N1, 28.07.2023)


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