Vladimir Gajić elected new president of People’s Party

The founder of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka) and its current president, Vuk Jeremić, said that he takes full responsibility for the party’s December election results and that “ethics and dignity dictate that he step down (as president)”, the People’s Party announced. Vladimir Gajić will be the new president.

Dr. Aleksandar Radojević was appointed the first vice-president of the party, while Ivana Parlić, Stefan Jovanović, Aleksandar Marković, Dr. Gordana Čabrić, Jovica Todorović, Borislav Borović, prof. Dr. Đorđe Petrović and Nebojša Bogdanović were elected vice-president.

The new general secretary of the People’s Party is Anja Jević, and the new president of the executive board is Nikola Dragović, while the party’s spokesperson will be Aleksandar Ljubomirović.

Vuk Jeremić confirmed that he would not resign from the party and that he hoped that the new leadership would remain committed to the same goals.

Jeremić emphasized that he remains faithful to the policy of the People’s Party, which is contained in the document titled the 21s Century Serbian Issue, adopted at the previous assembly meeting.

“The four pillars of the Serbian issue are freedom and democracy, keeping Kosovo and Metohija as part of the state, Serbia’s independence and neutrality, the nurturing of Serbian education and culture, as well as the restoration of the national economy and demographics,” concluded Jeremić.

(RTS, 24.02.2024)


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