Vladeta Jankovic: “The Washington agreement is only good for Trump”

Vladeta Janković, a university professor and former Serbian ambassador to Great Britain and the Vatican, believes that the gist of the Washington agreement was “a deliberate parade for the presidential election campaign in the United States”, because at least half of the 16 points in the document have nothing to do with Serbia or Kosovo, but will only serve President Donald Trump ahead of the November elections.

Even the provocative Facebook post of the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova (after the signing of the agreement in Washington) is not accidental, but “a slap in the face of both Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić”.

“Trump (with the deal) appeased the powerful Jewish and the LGBT lobbies, encouraged businesspeople to invest, closed the door to China for technological innovations and cut Russian energy supply routes. He did all of this for the sake of internal politics, in order to improve his prospects before the elections. Serbia and Kosovo, on the other hand, did not receive anything special in return, ” said Janković on the N1 TV.

Regarding the Belgrade- Priština relations, Janković said that the one-year moratorium goes against Kosovo’s efforts to join international organizations, while Serbia undertook not to ask countries to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo’s independence for a whole year.

“Kosovo will use the one year to obtain as many recognitions of its independence as possible, and after announcing the opening of a Serbian embassy in Israel, Arab countries, many of which have not yet recognized Kosovo, will now do so. On the other hand, by accepting this agreement, we also went against Russia and China, which have given us great support in the Security Council, “said Janković.

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Commenting on the Facebook post of the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, on Vučić’s meeting with Trump, Janković says that her “post is in bad taste, but it is not accidental at all”.

“She shouldn’t have allowed herself to post something like that, but since it had no consequences for her, it means that it was a deliberate slap in the face of both Serbia and Vučić personally,” said Janković.

Commenting on the writing of the Russian daily, Kommersant, according to which the official Moscow was not informed of what was happening in Washington, Janković states that this indicates “how insufficient our diplomacy is and how serious this omission is”.

“While an agreement being signed in Washington, our Foreign Minister (Ivica Dačić) was sitting in Belgrade, saying nothing. There were no diplomats there and some pretty big errors in the protocol were made with Vučić sitting in a chair in front of Trump’s desk, like a student during an exam. The photo went around the world and will have consequences Vučić’s image at home “, continues Professor Janković.

After the EU warning about Serbia relocating its embassy to Jerusalem, Janković recalled that Serbia would be the only country in Europe to have an embassy in Jerusalem, and this is a “dangerous step of far-reaching consequence, but one that will not affect our chances of joining the EU. We have no chance of joining the Union in the short-, medium- or long-term. They just don’t want us! ”

“Accepting that kind of bullying from America, which is how Trump usually acts, will have consequences. I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel into which Vučić has led us in,” “Janković said and added that that move would lead to an increasing number of countries recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

“The very fact that the regime talks so much about “success in Washington” and “spectacular feats” speaks volumes about how much they have messed us up,” concluded Janković.

(N1, 08.09.2020)


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