Virtual reality, science and much more in Belgrade and Novi Sad this weekend

It’s Thursday, and time for our report about the cultural and entertainment events coming up this weekend.


Event: Science Festival

Place: Belgrade Fair

Time:  14th to 17th December

This year’s Science Festival, which is held under the slogan „One-on-One”, comprises of scientific exhibitions, contributing lecturers, interactive presentations, workshops and documentaries. The festival will have 53 different settings, and 4 exhibitions, with 62 scientific institutions participating. The visitors will be able to see different geological ages of our planet, the formation and movement of living beings, and different stages of human development through motion, sport, and energy. The Festival will also host many international scientists and science communicators including Steve Wulf from the US, Markus and Josef Dorninger from Austria, and Ori Vale from Israel, also known as Dr. Molekul. For more information, please visit .


Event: International Underwater Film Festival

Place: Yugoslav Film Archives

Time:  15th to 17th December

The International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade is a unique opportunity to peek into the underwater world to learn more about it through films, photographs, meetings with authors and other underwater adventurers and enthusiasts. The festival programme includes short films in competition, underwater photographs, the exhibition of children’s drawings, lectures, presentations and many other events.


Event: Future Park

Place: Hall 4, Belgrade Fair

Time:  15th to 24th December

The biggest and the most popular cyber park in Europe will be staged on the premises of the Belgrade Fair for the next nine days. If you are passionate about new technologies and gaming, than Future Park is definitely up your alley. There will be gaming tournaments, 3D experience activations, and a variety of music and theatre performances. Several YouTube gaming stars, including Mudja and Full Burazeri, are special guests of the event.


Event: Theatre play ‘Resistance’

Place: Serbian National Theatre

Time: 15th December, at 8:30pm


The Canadian playwright Lee MacDougall’s play „Resistance“ tells the story of three young G8 protestors who, by accident, take a high-powered executive from a Pharmaceutical conglomerate hostage. Owen, Jennie and Gerry have been travelling around the globe, squatting where they can, and protesting the G8 summits wherever they happen. One morning, Jennie picks up a stranger in a suit, Mr. Sullivan, who turns out to be much more powerful, and subsequently dangerous than any of them suspects. When Mr. Sullivan’s assistant Beth arrives to help negotiate his release, the stakes increase, as secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and the truth changes the lives of everyone involved. Darkly humorous and political, Resistance is a story of young people learning about the world, and about themselves.

Event: Concert by Dalmatian a capella male choir Cambi

Place: Synagogue

Time: 16th December, at 8:00pm

Cambi is one of the most renowned and popular a capella male choirs in Croatia. It was founded in 1986, in a small town of Kastel Kambelovac, near Split, Croatia, and it derives its name from the eponymous aristocratic family from Split who was the biggest land owner in Dalmatia. The choir performs the traditional Dalmatian songs, as well as remakes of the most popular songs by contemporary singers like Zdravko Colic, Neno Belan and Massimo Savic.

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