Violence in schools: Education Ministry receives 840 reports on violence annually

Serbian Ministry of Education receives about 840 reports on cases of violence in schools and universities in Serbia per year.

According to Tanjug, and in the light of the latest case of peer violence in a school in Barajevo, the Ministry monitors reports on the so-called third level violence from school administrations.

It also monitors reports received through the SOS line, as well as all situations reported directly by parents.

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“At the national level, the number of reports per year is about 840,” said the Ministry, adding that all those situations should be addressed at the school level and sometimes with the support of other systems such as health and social care.

The highest level of violence among school children is physical violence and abuse, i.e.: beating, strangling, throwing objects at the victim, causing burns and other injuries, assault with weapons, but also psychological violence such as intimidation, blackmail accompanied by serious threats, extortion, habitual use of drugs, involvement in destructive groups, etc.

Third level social violence means isolation, group bullying and putting together “clans” for the sole purpose of attacking other students.

Violence at this level also entails the improper use of information technologies: recording violent scenes, distribution of images and videos of violence and child pornography, but also acts of violence that are repeated despite the school’s warnings such as pushing, hitting, mocking, insulting, ignoring and online verbal abuse.

 (Vecernje Novosti, 17.09.2019)

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