Viola von Cramon: Everything we said about the election must be implemented

The European Parliament member from the Green Party, Viola von Cramon, repeated today that massive election fraud took place in Serbia on December 17 and that she believes that it is necessary to form a working group that would be tasked with going to Serbia and starting the mediation process because the opposition has good reason to complain about the election results.

This was also the assessment of the elections in Serbia by other members of the European Parliament in the Foreign Affairs Committee who discussed the political situation in Serbia and the elections today. They pointed out that the election conditions in Serbia were not fair, that the rule of law must be upheld, that relations between Serbia and Kosovo had to be normalized and that it is necessary for Serbia to align with the EU’s foreign policy.

Von Cramon also said that everything that the representatives of the European Commission and the European Union’s Foreign Policy Service said must be put into action, and not just remain “words on paper”.

“We need to come up with a proposal on how to solve the issue of mass election fraud that happened on December 17, which everyone knows about, but no one is doing anything about,” she claims.

According to Von Cramon, in a normal country, such as Germany “or even Kenya”, the opposition has legal options to appeal to the courts, which will ensure that their word is heard.

“In Serbia, the announcement of election results was backdated so that the opposition would lose the right to appeal. This is unfair and unjustified,” she stated and reiterated that someone from the European institutions must ensure that voter rights are respected.

“We have to go there, we need to collect all the facts. I spoke with numerous participants and I know how the fraud was orchestrated and prepared, but it would be good to collect those facts and publish them,” she underlined.

Von Cramon reminded that the European Parliament had a good mechanism of interparty dialogue, but an “ad hoc” reaction is needed.

“This will not help Serbia get closer to the EU and it will not bring progress,” said Von Cramon who added that the problem is also the non-application of media laws.

“The opposition candidates were not given access to the media. The post-election situation was not transparent and fair,” Von Cramon concluded.

(Vreme, 23.01.2024)

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