Vinci to build new passenger terminal, runway, taxiway and 2,400 parking spaces at Belgrade Airport

Terna S.A, a subsidiary of the Greek GEK Terna Group, signed an agreement with Vinci Airports, the concessionaire at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport, on construction and reconstruction works at the airport – Terna announced.

The project is part of the Vinci (51%) – Terna (49%) joint venture. The project budget is 262 million euro and the construction period is five years.

“The project entails a series of infrastructure overhauls, aiming to develop and upgrade the airport’s capacity and operating conditions, enable airlines to offer new routes and increase passenger and cargo traffic in line with Serbia’s economic growth, based on current and future data”, Terna adds.

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More specifically, the works include the construction of new passenger terminal facilities with a total surface area of 42,000 square metres and refurbishment of existing terminal facilities with a total surface area of 15,000 square metres.

Furthermore, the project also entails the construction of a new 3,500-metre-long runway, the refurbishment and upgrade of the existing 3,400-metre-long runway, the construction of nine taxiways, the expansion of the existing apron and construction of new apron infrastructure with a total surface area of 55,000 square metres, as well as the expansion of the existing de-icing pads spanning 6,000 square metres.

Other works include the construction of new car parking lot with 2,400 parking spaces, the construction of curbside/sidewalk infrastructure and facilities for handling of departures/arrivals, the construction of 3.5-km-long roads for passenger and delivery vehicles, the rainwater drainage system, marking and static signage, lighting and CCTV camera system.

Plus, the project entails the construction of auxiliary building facilities and other infrastructure works such as waste water and solid waste treatment plants, a heating plant, a meteorological station and a solar panel plant, among others –  Terna says in its press release.

(Tango Six, 21.01.2019)


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