Vinča Institute working towards developing a hydrogen car

The Vinča Institute, which participated in the development of the Hydrogen Strategy, has the ambition to develop a hydrogen car together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade, and they hope that the project could be realized in a few years.

Recognizing that Serbia has significant hydrogen potential, the Vinča Institute’s Centre of Outstanding Values ​​for Hydrogen Energy and Renewable Energy Sources was established in 2018. The Centre brings together more than 20 scientists engaged in projects related to the use of hydrogen energy.

Researchers have developed a tank for storing solid hydrogen, and according to the head of the Centre, Jasmina Grbović Novaković, this is a “pilot project” and part of a solution that could be applied in a hydrogen car, which is considered the “fuel of the future”.

“The idea is to make a car powered by solid hydride hydrogen, together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This will take time and money, but I hope we will succeed with the project in a few years. For now, it is recognized as a need, and we believe the project will develop much faster after the adoption of the Hydrogen Energy Strategy,“ says Dr Grbović Novaković.

Speaking about the importance of that Hydrogen Energy Strategy, which the Institute wrote together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and which is a part of the new Energy Development Strategy, Dr Grbović Novaković points out that Serbia has finally realised the importance of hydrogen energy and the need to drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

(Sputnik News, 09.06.2022)



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