Viktor Orban’s son-in-law buys 11 office buildings in Belgrade

Diofa Fund Management bought several office buildings in Belgrade. This fund is part of a group led István Tiborcz, 37-year-old son-in-law of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  

The real estate consulting company CBRE SEE announced that the sale included 11 premium class buildings, spanning over 122.000 square metres, located in five business parks – Green Heart, FortyOne, Belgrade Business Center and 19 Avenue –  as well as the House office building.

The group’s website also mentions that in 2022, the Group entered the Serbian logistics sector through the company Waberer’s. In October last year, Waberer announced that it had acquired a majority stake in the Serbian distributor MD International.

According to earlier media reports, Diofa reached an agreement on the purchase of office buildings a few months ago with the Indotek Group, which previously bought the portfolio from GTC. Indotek is also a Hungarian company.

In previous years, Forbes ranked Tiborcz among the top 40 richest Hungarians, as well as the most influential. Since he married Orban’s daughter in 2013, his rise on the business scene has been exponential.

(, 10.01.2024)

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