Video evidence of physical violence on Linglong’s construction site in Zrenjanin

Chinese workers working on Linglong’s construction site near Zrenjanin have reportedly gone on strike yesterday for the first time, VOICE’s sources have confirmed, after a video has surfaced showing Chinese managers physically attacking the workers on the site.

This is not the first time that Chinese workers have been dissatisfied with their treatment on the site, but it is the first time that an act of violence has been evidenced.

According to Serbian workers’ claims, the managers’ attitude toward Chinese employees has become very cruel, even consisting of verbal and physical attacks. After VOICE reported on atrocious working conditions on Linglong’s site, some of the Serbian workers have been sent home to work, while a large number of Vietnamese workers have been repatriated at their own expense.

Other VOICE’s sources claim that a number of subcontractors are no longer working with Linglong due to unpaid liabilities. The only subcontractor that is still actively working with Linglong is China Energy.

Representatives of the Serbian government reportedly participated in a secret meeting at the factory last week, but the workers were unable to obtain information as to why the meeting took place and what was the outcome of the talks with the management of the Chinese company.

After the video of abuse went viral and the workers allegedly went on strike, Linglong issued a statement saying that “despite some information that appeared, there is no at the company’s construction site”.

(Nova, 08.06.2022)


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