Vesić:”Serbian construction sector on the up”

The construction’s share in the Serbian gross domestic product (GDP) increased from 6 percent in 2021 to 6.4 percent in 2022, said the Minister of Construction Goran Vesić at the opening of the 47th International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade.

Vesić also pointed out that while many other countries are recording a decline in the construction industry sector, Serbia boasts an annual increase.

“In 2013, the total value of construction works in Serbia was 1.6 billion euros, and in 2022, it stood at 4.4 billion euros. The times we are in are quite challenging for the construction sector. In almost all European countries, there is a decline in the construction industry. This is natural, as in times of crisis, investors have a harder time deciding to invest”, said Vesić.

“We (the authorities) made the decision for this year that the value of investments financed by the Serbian government will be 3.6 billion euros. We have decided to increase investments in order to compensate for the lack of private initiatives and thus keep the construction industry going,” explained Vesić.

Vesić also noted that now all public buildings and buildings that span over 10,000 square metres have to have a green construction certificate, while all new buildings also have to have mandatory energy (consumption) ‘passports’.

Vesić also said that the government adopted a stricter stance towards companies that transport construction waste, or rather those who have been dumping it all over Serbia, and that they now have to produce evidence of the waste’s movement – from the construction site to the regulated landfill.

(Alo, 25.04.2023)


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