Vesić:”As of tomorrow, Belgrade airport will have 30 more employees”

Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, said Nikola Tesla Airport will have 30 new employees as of Saturday and that he hoped that the situation with the long queues and flight delays would be resolved soon.

Vesić added that the Civil Aviation Directorate would launch a competition next week for hiring two new ground handling operators who will handle check-in at Belgrade airport.

The Minister also said that airlines will choose the ground operator with whom they will work and to whom they will pay for services.

Still, flight delays and long queues are still the norm at Belgrade airport.

Several Air Serbia flights that were planned for Thursday afternoon were delayed for two or more hours, due to a lack of baggage loading staff at the airport, as well as an insufficient number of special pushback vehicles, Air Serbia said and added:

“Due to the resulting disruptions from the planned flight schedule, further phase delays are possible during the evening and additional impact on the on-time performance of the Serbian national airline,” said the airline.

It added that Air Serbia is doing everything in its power to maintain operations in line with the planned flight schedule.

(, N1, 07.07.2023)

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