Vesic wants to organize experimental concerts in Belgrade

Belgrade’s deputy mayor Goran Vesić said that only 41,736 more people will have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in the capital to reach the 50% mark, after which, he reiterated, two experimental concerts will be organised, although the provincial secretary for health, Zoran Gojković, said that this possibility had not been considered during the last session of the government’s Crisis Response Team.

Vesić told Pink TV that by the end of May, half of the adult population in Belgrade would have been vaccinated, adding that after that, the city would organise two concerts, one outdoors and one indoors, as a kind of experiment “so that Serbian scientists can do a specific study based on the behaviour of the COVID-19 virus”. The same thing has already been done in Barcelona and the Netherlands.

Zoran Gojković, on the other hand, said on Friday, after the Crisis Response Team’s meeting, that the organisation of experimental concerts had not been a topic of discussion:

“Today we did not talk about experimental concerts. There are various proposals, not only from Belgrade but also from other cities in Serbia. At this moment, it is not a topic of our interest, we have not talked about it or considered it, also because we already have the results of what has been done at European and global level with a similar experiment”.

(Nova, 17.05.2021)





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