Vesic: “The idea is to organize a book festival in Kalemegdan in October”

Instead of the traditional International Book Fair in Belgrade (which takes place at the Belgrade Fair), the Belgrade authorities are thinking of organizing a book festival in October, most likely in Kalemegdan. This was announced yesterday by Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić.

Publishers who, for epidemiological and economic reasons are opposing for the 65th Belgrade Book Fair, scheduled for the end of October, to be held, say they are surprised by this new initiative because the city officials had so far been very reticent about their proposals to organize an alternative outdoor book event in Belgrade, considering that the International Book Fair has been officially postponed to December.

Last week, the Chairman of the Book Fair Council, Dusan Kovacevic, Belgrade’s Culture Secretary Ivan Karl and Belgrade Fair’s Director-General, Danka Selic, had decided to postpone the book fair to December, if the epidemiological conditions permit.

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This is why most publishers had already prepared an alternative celebration of the traditional October date by devising initiatives in their bookstores and on their websites.

“The book fair has been postponed due to the epidemiological situation and because the organization would be difficult due to the closed space in which it is held. In order for an event like the Book Fair to be successful, it has to gather a large number of people. Of the ideas proposed, I think Kalemegdan is the best choice because there is plenty of space,”announced Vesić.

(Danas, 27.09.2020)

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