Vesic: Novi Beograd will have a water park

The Belgrade authorities will revoke the ownership of the land in Block 44 (Novi Beograd) from the company which leased it to build a water park there, because the company has failed to do so – Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic announced and added that, regardless of that, the water park would certainly be built there.

Vesic added that the land had been leased to the company in question 15 years ago, but that the company had gone into bankruptcy, Beoinfo reports.

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As he said, the city will revoke the ownership in the upcoming period, in line with the relevant regulation, and pay back the company the money it paid for the lease at the time. He added that, five years ago, there was an initiative for the location to be turned into residential space, but the initiative never materialized, as the city authorities wanted a water park to be built there.

“Belgrade needs a water park, hence, the authorities will re-launch the tender in order to find another contractor,” Vesic added.

He added that a water park would make that part of the city a more attractive location and pointed out that there were companies interested in building the facility since that was not a job that the city could do itself.

(Mondo, 23.06.2019)



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