Vesic: Construction of the Belgrade subway to start by the year-end

The construction of a subway in Belgrade, a project worth around EUR 3.8 billion, should start in late 2020, said Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic.

At the public hearing about the quality of air in Serbia, organized by the Committee on the Environment of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, he said that, upon the completion of the project design, around 30% of the street traffic would be moved underground.

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“In the past six years, we’ve built around 180 kilometres of the railway for BG Voz, and the plan is to continue connecting Surcin, Obrenovac, Karaburma and Makis,” Vesic announced and added that, once the ongoing repair of a part of the railway was done, trains would run every 15 minutes at peak hours and every 30 minutes at off-peak hours.

All the suburban municipalities of Belgrade, except for Grocka, will then be connected by the city railway system with the city centre, Vesic added, as reported by Beoinfo.

Vesic also stated that Belgrade’s authorities would set up 25 new air measuring stations and that air quality metres will be installed in 254 locations in the city. The plan is, also, to develop a phone application through which citizens will be able to monitor air quality in every part of Belgrade.

He added that the city government would continue to expand pedestrian zones and encourage the development of bicycle transport.

(Nedeljnik, 10.02.2020)



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