Vesić: “Belgrade will not go into lockdown”

The deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, stated that there will be no curfew in the capital, adding that the emphasis will be on compliance with existing measures.

“This means that catering facilities will not be opened after 23:00h and protective masks must be worn indoors. Only a small number of citizens have not complied with the measures so far and it would not be right to punish the rest of citizens because of these people,” Vesic added.

He also said that the new measures must be in line with economic interests.

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“We must learn to live with the virus. The catering industry has 40,000 workers. Every devised measure taken must be harmonized with the best interests of businesses. If the economy works, there will be money for doctors, nurses and health care,” said Vesić.

(B92, 02.11.2020)

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