Vesic: “Belgrade lost 266mn euro in tourism revenue because of the pandemic”

Belgrade, which is also the region’s most popular nightlife hub, – lost €266 million in tourism revenue since the coronavirus pandemic began, Deputy Mayor, Goran Vesic, said.

He said that there were 1.7 million fewer overnight stays recorded in the Serbian capital in 2020 than in 2019.

“Serbia is the country with the most relaxed epidemiological measures. We have to protect our health care system and economy. Serbia is in a better situation than Germany in terms of the number of cases per 1,000 people which is why it has less strict measures,” he said in a live appearance on state television RTS.

Vesic also said that efforts will be made to revive economic activity as soon as possible because that will mean more money for health care. He added that people who have been inoculated should be allowed to get back to normal life gradually and that people who have been vaccinated will get 30 percent discounts on theatre and festival tickets.

“The dilemma that people are being divided along those lines is wrong. The people who got vaccinated showed responsibility for themselves and the people who do not want to get vaccinated are agreeing to live under different conditions for the duration of the pandemic,” Vesic said.

(N1, 01.04.2021)






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