Veselinovic:”We are going to win in Belgrade”

An activist from the Ne da(vi)mo Beograd initiative, Dobrica Veselinović, said that the organization will take part in the next elections provided that the local elections are separated from the presidential and parliamentary ones.

In an interview with the Beta news agency, Veselinović expressed the hope that with the help of MEPs the electoral conditions in Serbia will improve.

“Even in such a difficult situation, the opposition can win in Belgrade if it offers people something to believe in,” he said.

When asked who the potential coalition partners are, Veselinović said that they are organizations and individuals who have long been fighting for the protection of natural resources, greater participation of citizens in the decision-making process, as well as numerous leftist and green organizations.

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“On the national level, it is certainly a group gathered around the Civic Front, and on the local level, various groups of citizens and organizations that are active throughout Belgrade,” he added.

Veselinović went on to say that Ne da(vi)mo Beograd has recently collaborated with Nebojša Zelenović, the former mayor of Šabac.

He also said that the movement will not form pre-election coalitions with people and organizations that have collaborated with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and played a decisive role in “plundering public and natural resources thus contributing to the impoverishment of citizens and humiliation of state institutions and democracy”.

When asked how the opposition can “mobilize” the abstainers to go to the polls, Veselinović said that in addition to good ideas, daily fieldwork is required.

“If others do the same, victory is possible because Belgrade does not want the Progressives or Goran Vesić. Obviously, the precondition is to fight for better electoral conditions and more media freedom,” he concluded.

(Beta, 06.12.2020)

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