Veselinović and Radoičić assigned a multi-million state deal without a tender

Zvonko Veselinović and Milan Radoičić, two businessmen close to Aleksandar Vučić, could benefit most from the collapse of the energy sector in Serbia, according to the Freedom and Justice Party (Stranka Slobode i Pravde).

“At yesterday’s government meeting, it was announced that all 920,000 wooden electricity poles would be replaced with concrete ones as a matter of urgency, and that as much as 350 million euros would be spent on this,” the party has said.

The company that produces the poles – Betonjerka Aleksinac – is owned by Veselinović and Radoičić. Vučić informed the public that the pylons have been collapsing and that the electricity supply is in danger because of this.

Interestingly, there are currently 150 million wooden electricity pylons in North America, and none of them have been collapsing despite the fact that weather conditions there are more extreme than in Serbia.

Also, no official tender will be launched for the replacement of these pylons.

“Vučić and the others have led us to the collapse of the energy system and the destruction of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS). Now they will use this catastrophe to increase their personal wealth and the wealth of their business partners Veselinović and Radoičić, who were recently put on the US sanctions list for being involved in criminal activities and corruption,” the Freedom and Justice Party said in a press release.

(Nova, 15.12.2021)

Photo credits: N1, Birn


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