Veseli: This should not be about tax anymore, but about relations with US

Kadri Veseli, Speaker of the Kosovo Parliament, says Pristina should find relations with the US more important than the taxes imposed on products from Serbia.

The tax, which Pristina doubled a few months ago, target goods from central Serbia and from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the measure has brought the EU-mediated Kosovo dialogue to a standstill, as Belgrade insists on the removal of this trade barrier.

Speaking for the Dukagjini TV station, Veseli confirmed that the United States had requested a suspension of these taxes, and that the request came from US President Donald Trump. 

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Veseli also said that Pristina’s decision to impose (increase by) 100 percent taxs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina was “good” because, Pristina “still experiences aggressiveness from Serbia”, adding that “the relations with the United States are more important (than the tax).” 

“Which should not focus on the tax, but on our relations with the United States and the international community. We are partners with the United States, and they are the ones who asked for the tax to be suspended, or their president Donald Trump has asked”,  Veseli told Pristina-based TV station. 

He said that it was “a good thing that the US had requested a suspension, rather than abolition of this measure” and added that the same was also mentioned when Ramush Haradinaj recently met with the US ambassador to Kosovo.

“The US has always been with us.Confrontation with a country that that is a guarantee of our sovereignty and our territory is not good for Kosovo,” Veseli added.

(Politika, 30.01.2019)






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