Very few companies in Serbia use cloud technology

The application of hybrid cloud technology in companies in Serbia is at a very low level compared to the rest of the world, despite the awareness of its advantages, reveals an analysis conducted by the Nutaniks Company.

Half of the survey participants from Serbia say they still use only traditional data centres for data and software storage, while globally only 18% of information technology users do not use advanced cloud technology, the analysis shows.

It adds that only 10% of companies in Serbia use a private cloud, while less than 5% rely on public or hybrid cloud services.

The analysis shows that these figures are in great disproportion to the number of those companies in the country which believe that hybrid cloud is an ideal IT business model for their organizations, which is 84% of respondents.

According to the research, the current crisis caused by COVID-19, which saw an increase in cloud technology investments worldwide, has not changed the negative trend in Serbia, because although remote work has increased from 36% to 54%, companies still do not have data storage plans in place.

(Kamatica, 03.02.2021)



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