Veritas Papers – Who did Dragan Djilas lend money to?

According to the Informer daily, over the past five years, Dragan Djilas’ company Multikom has lent up to 201,540,000 dinars, or almost two million euros, to finance important personalities in power.

The Informer reports that the leader of Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), tycoon Dragan Djilas, would bribe and control a large number of media outlets, journalists, experts, analysts and politicians with his wealth, acquired in a suspicious manner.

“Through a detailed analysis of the financial reports available at the Business Registers Agency (APR), we have determined that the Multikom Company, in which Djilas owns 97% of the shares, has ‘lent’ as much as 201,540,000 dinars in the previous five years, or almost two million euros. We put the word ‘lent’ in inverted commas because these are fake, simulated loans. Firstly, because they are almost never (except in one case) paid, and because it is obvious that through them, Djilas, controls the political-media space of the country, i.e. literally buys votes with the millions acquired in a suspicious way and his mercenaries in control, who must always and everywhere write all the best about him and his politics”, reveals the Informer.

Topping the list of the people who received the tycoon’s “loans” is Aleksandar Saša Bijelić, the former driver of Dragan Đilas and a city politician at the time when the leader of the SSP was a minister in the Serbian government and mayor of Belgrade. In 2019, Multikom lent 35,800,000 dinars to Bijelić’s company, Ultra Drive Rentacar, i.e. more than 300,000 euros. There is no trace anywhere in the financial reports that even a single dinar of this loan has been repaid to date, so it can be reasonably assumed that Djilas bought Bijelić’s support with this money.

It is rather interesting to see an ‘independent’ journalist Nenad Čaluković among the people who owe Djilas money. The former editor-in-chief of Nedeljnik, which now publishes the political monthly Karakter, received a loan of 1.6 million dinars from Multikom in 2020 and to date, according to available data, has not paid back a single dinar.

In addition to so-called independent journalists, Djilas’ debtors are also “experts” who are quoted almost daily in the media as and who always attack President Aleksandar Vučić in the most appalling manner. Among them is economist Zvonimir Zvonko Nikezić, co-owner of CES Mekon, who was arrested in 2012 on charges of involvement in the shady dealings surrounding Azotara (Nitrogen Plant) in Pančevo. Nikezić’s company allegedly received 16,462,000 dinars from Multikom, i.e. more than 150,000 euros, and that ‘loan’, according to available data, has never been repaid.

The general secretary of the SSP party, Ljuban Panić, received 12,938,000 dinars from Djilas in 2018, or more than 100,000 euros. Again, there is no information that a single dinar of this loan has been paid back. The vice-president of the party, Dejan Bulatović, who is known for his outspoken media appearance in favour of Serbian farmers, also received millions from the Multikom; i.e. 5.7 million dinars or 50,000 euro was given to Bulatović’s farm in 2019.

The list of Djilas’ debtors also includes public relations and marketing experts who often have guest appearances on TV stations such as N1 and Nova and other media. Among them is Zoran Papović, the owner of the Pramac Advertising agency, who received 33,691,000 dinars from Multikom in 2018, or almost 320,000 euros, without paying back anything.

Darko Mihajlović, a good friend of Marinika Tepić and owner of the PR-PART agency from Bor, also allegedly “borrowed” 3,300,000 dinars in 2018. He is often quoted in the media as “an objective and independent expert”.

According to the information obtained by the Infromer, Djilas also controls KTV in Zrenjanin, whose founder, the Linea Electronics Company, reportedly borrowed 3,600,000 dinars from Djilas in 2018. According to the same principle, Djilas also owns Kraljevačka TV, which received 2,500,000 dinars from Multikom in 2018, but also Media Center in Belgrade, which “borrowed” six million dinars in 2017. To date, according to available data, none of them has paid back a single dinar.

Finally, the Informer points out that during the period when Djilas’ company “lent” almost two million euros, it did not have much income, and has even recorded loss for several years.

(Informer, 10.10.2021)


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