Vaccination plan presented

Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar presented a detailed vaccination plan that will be implemented in Serbia and said that, so far, about 1,000 people have been vaccinated.

“We started with senior citizens in nursing homes, because if they get sick, their lives are in big danger. In addition, we have also vaccinated nursing home employees. After that we are going to vaccinate health care workers, first those working in Covid hospitals,” the Minister explained at the press conference.

The third category is educators, and the fourth is public sector employees who are in direct contact with citizens.

“The priority is people in the military and police who also have contact with the population. Next will be chronic patients to whom we recommend vaccination for seasonal flu too,” he added.

The Minister also announced that a new contingent of Pfizer’s vaccine will arrive on January 4 and from then on, new quantities will arrive every seven days.

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Lončar went on to say that the Russian vaccines will arrive in Belgrade today or tomorrow and reminded that the Russian vaccine is still being tested at the Serbian Drug Agency. Also, once the Chinese vaccine is issued a use permit it will be shipped to Serbia.

He also said that currently in Serbia, about 30% of the population has antibodies against the virus, and that only when between 20% and 30% of the population is vaccinated, we will be able to say that we have an upper hand over the coronavirus.

“However, the story does not end here, because as far as we know the effect of the vaccine will last about six months,” Lončar underlined, adding that people should prepare for another vaccination in the fall of next year.

(Nova, 29.12.2020)



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