V Dem: ‘Serbia is sliding further and further towards autocracy’

Serbia is among the five countries in the world that are fast into autocracy, after Brazil, Turkey, Hungary and Poland, which tops the list compiled by the Swedish institute V Dem.

The Gothenburg-based Institute’s report, which analyses changes in democracy, says that countries sliding towards autocracy outnumber those advancing towards democracy, and that no country in North America or Western and Eastern Europe has made progress in terms of democracy in the past decade. Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and the United States have seen a steady decline.

“Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, Poland and Serbia, have continued to decline in the level of democracy after continued attacks on the judiciary and restrictions on the media and civil society,” the report states.

The report adds that Serbia has seen a decline in electoral integrity, along with deteriorating academic, civil society and media freedoms, which have contributed to its slide into authoritarianism since 2013. “Since then, the quality of elections has deteriorated, only to deteriorate further in 2020, when many opposition parties in Serbia boycotted parliamentary elections held in the midst of a pandemic,” the report states.

The top 10 countries that are sliding into autocracy also includes Benin, India, Mauritius, Bolivia and Thailand.

“The countries that are in the top 10 are the same ones that were marked in last year’s democracy report. While Hungary’s autocratization remains conspicuous, Poland took the top spot with a dramatic 34 percentage drop in the Liberal Democracy Index (LDI), much of which has occurred since 2015. Turkey is still in the first place, and just behind are Brazil and Serbia,” the report says.

In 2020, compared to 2010, Serbia recorded a 27 percentage points drop. According to the report, in 2010 Serbia was classified as an electoral democracy and in 2020, as an electoral autocracy.

(Nova, 31.08.2021)


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