Utility services in Belgrade more expensive

The monthly utility bill (issued by Infostan) for a Belgrade family that lives in a 50-square-metre apartment and consumes about 15 cubic metres of water will be higher by about 540 dinars as of February this year.

Starting next month, the price of heating will increase by 5 percent, water and sewerage by 12.5 percent, and garbage collection will increase by 6.2 percent.

The cost of rubbish disposal services will go up from 6.60 dinars per square metre of housing to 7 dinars.

“For an average apartment of 50 square metres, the monthly bill for collecting and transporting municipal waste will be increased by 69.30 dinars including VAT,” said this city waste disposal company.

Heating is another utility service that will become more expensive next month. The current price of heating is 119.39 dinars per square metre of housing (including VAT), while from February, it will jump to 125.22 dinars. For example, the monthly heating bill for a 50-square-metre apartment is currently 5,969 dinars, while in February, it will rise to 6,261 dinars.

The current price of water for households is 59.46 dinars (including VAT) per cubic metre, while in February, it will jump to 66.89 dinars. Waste water disposal costs will go up to 27.04 dinars per cubic metre next month (the earlier price was 24.04 dinars). The same increase will apply to swimming pools in sports and recreation centres. Other consumer categories will pay 110.69 dinars per cubic metre from February, while the disposal of waste liquids, which cost 52.96 until now, will be 59.57 dinars per cubic metre.

(Sputnik News, 12.01.2023)



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