Use of electric scooters still not legally regulated

An increasingly popular means of transport, the electric scooter will find its place in the new road safety law, which should be drafted by the end of the year.

Until then, only the recommendations are valid, namely electric scooters are not allowed to be used on roads and whenever possible the drivers should use cycle lanes when driving them.

A video clip went viral a few days ago in which an electric scooter was speeding at 80 kilometres per hour which caused an outrage in Serbia. Questions that everyone asked is whether they are allowed to go so fast and will the new law finally put them in their place?

Sales of electric scooters have increased by almost a third in Serbia and there is no age limit when buying them.

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“In general, sales are better than last year, i.e. they have increased by around 20-30%. In general, the most important thing is that the battery has a range of at least 25 kilometres, and that a scooter can reach up to 20 kilometres per hour in speed, “says an expert.

“If they are used on cycling lanes, they should not go over 10 kilometres per hour. If there are no cycling lanes, it is advisable for them to move on the sidewalk, but with great caution because the sidewalk is a space for pedestrians “, says Jasmina Milošević, deputy director of the Road Safety Agency.

She points out that the recommendation is that if they are used on the sidewalk, they should not go faster than walking speed, which is about 6 kilometres per hour.

(Blic, 11.09.2020)


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