USAID: All para-fiscal charges in one registry

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has developed a registry of all para-fiscal charges and non-tax levies that citizens, small business owners and legal entities are required to pay.

The registry, developed together with NALED, contains a list of para-fiscal charges introduced by public authorities on the central, provincial and local levels, and sorted them out by the title, relevant law and bylaw.  The registry does not list court fees.

It will enable monitoring of these hidden taxes and will help policy makers and the business community to identify para-fiscal charges that should be eliminated or streamlined. The comprehensive inventory of quasifiscal charges will be followed by an analysis of the impact of parafiscal charges on businessesThe term “para-fiscal charges” includes various types of fees, charges, reimbursements, compensations, defrayals and other expenses borne by the businesses that are imposed by a public authority and create unjustified financial, regulatory, or administrative burdens and do not provide adequate service or rights in return, or not in proportional value or volume

The Registry is available at and everybody can access it.

(, USAID, 19.03.2018)

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